Castle Forest Lodge Kirinyaga Day Hike

On a wet and cold August morning, we left the fast urban streets of Nairobi for a day’s hike on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The day’s itinerary promised great scenery, a tour of the slopes of the mountain and an exhilarating descent to one of the most spectacular waterfalls. Indigenous trees, lots of them....   Read more

Lamu Island: An Adventure Haven

The Lamu Archipelago is a string of beautiful islands; Lamu Island is one of them. The road trip or flight to this island is worth the trouble because there is so much to see, learn, taste and experience in Lamu.
If you have a knack for historical tours, you will have an unforgettable safari on this island. Its town, Lamu Town, is one of the oldest in the country. Lamu Town was inhabited by Arabs, the British, Persians, the Chinese and Indians hundreds of years ago.
Visit Lamu for these 5 exciting adventures:
1. Donkey ride in Lamu Town
Have you ridden a donkey before? Well, in Lamu Town, you don’t hail a taxi, you ride a donkey.
2. Dhow sailing
The Indian Ocean is all yours from dawn to dusk. Hop into a traditional boat and explore the ocean....   Read more