The Most Popular Street Food in Nairobi

Pieces of mutura on a chopping board with kachumbari on the side., which is one of the street foods in nairobi

Street food in Nairobi refers to the inviting snacks hawked on the streets of Nairobi’s downtown as well as in estates.  It is definitely something you won’t find in the posh neighbourhoods of Karen and Lavington. However, recently, some Kenyan foods like mutura are sitting next to ice-cream and coffee on the menus of high-end restaurants.  But, street food is street food. When you take it to a high-end restaurant, it is just food served in a different ambiance, on expensive cutlery, with an inflated bill....   Read more

Reasons We Give for Not Travelling Often

East Africa’s otherworldly beauty across the plains and forests, and its collection of historic sites, ancient towns and thousands of wildlife animals ought to ignite the adventurous spirit of locals but sadly, most tourists are foreigners. Most Africans, especially Kenyans, only travel during national holidays like Christmas. They travel mostly to visit their relatives in their ancestral homes. There’s a significant population to convert into ardent travellers....   Read more