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Most of the best hotels in Naivasha are situated along Moi South Lake Road, which is the access route to key attractions in Naivasha. Using Moi South Lake Road, you can reach Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Naivasha, Crescent Island and Sanctuary Farm. Moi South Lake Road also reaches a number of horticulture farms, bearing in mind that horticulture and floriculture are major economic activities in Naivasha.

Hotels line along Moi South Lake Road from the junction of the Old Naivasha- Nakuru Highway. Despite being clustered along this road, rates vary greatly with some high-end lavish camps and some budget-friendly resorts.

Since most hotels in Naivasha sit along the shores of the lake, use the Old Naivasha Highway and join the Moi South Lake Road. However, due to the traffic snarl-up from around Mai Mahiu, you can just head to Naivasha Town and turn towards the Old Naivasha Road to join the Moi South Lake Road. Public transport can also get you to most hotels in Naivasha along the lake. However, some properties such as Sanctuary Farm are not exactly along Moi South Lake Road; you walk for a few minutes from the main road.

The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort is one of the few hotels in Naivasha located North of the lake, while Wileli House sits on the Western side of the lake.

Luxurious Hotels in Naivasha

Which facilities and amenities do you need in a hotel in Naivasha? Most luxurious hotels in Naivasha have a swimming pool a gym and fitness centre, an on-site restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, an on-site bar and a business centre.

In the rooms and suites, you will have Wi-Fi access, safety deposit boxes, satellite or cable television.  Top luxurious hotels in Naivasha are the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort, Wileli House, Naivasha Kongoni Lodge, Naivasha Country Club and Enashipai.

Affordable Hotels in Naivasha

You don’t have to live in a dorm room when exploring Naivasha. There are budget friendly hotels in Naivasha Town and others close to Lake Naivasha. Most of these budget properties offer accommodation on bed and breakfast basis, but you can request for half board rates. Camping can save money too. Crayfish, Fisherman’s Camp and Camp Carnelley’s are some of the top camps on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Best Campsites, Hotels & Luxury Camps in Naivasha

Camping in Naivasha is one of the exciting things to do when exploring that side of the Great Rift Valley. Naivasha presents a range of adventures to experience when camping there. These activities include a tour of the gorges of Hell’s Gate National Park, swimming in Ol Karia Geothermal Spa and hiking Mount Longonot.

The best setting for camping in Naivasha is along the shores of Lake Naivasha. Camps and hotels along Moi South Lake Road are ideal. Here’s a look at three options to choose from when camping in Naivasha.

Camping in Naivasha hotels

Top hotels with camping facilities are:

  • Burch’s Resort

Burch Resort’s extensive camping grounds can host team building activities too.

Meals (Lunch) – KSh 1,500

Camping in a 4 people tent plus breakfast – KSh 4,000 per night


Mobile: 0712 333 136

  • Fish Eagle Inn

Fish Eagle Inn’s spacious camping grounds have lush grass and the shade of mature acacia trees.

Camping fee – adult KSh 500, child KSh 250

A two people tent/per night – KSh 700

A four people tent/per night – KSh 1,400

Beddings (1 mattress + 2 blankets) – KSh 350 per night

Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner is KSh 1,000, 1,500, 1,500 respectively


Mobile: 0722665800

  • Triple Eden Resort

Triple Eden Resort is a budget facility a short distance from the Moi South Lake Road. You can reach this resort by matatu from Naivasha Town.

2 man tent and beddings – KSh 1,950, 4 man tent and beddings KSh 3,450

2 man tent and beddings (Dec 23rd to Jan 5th) – KSh 1,950, 4 man tent and beddings KSh 3,900


Mobile: 0708 915 770

Best Campsites in Naivasha

  • Fisherman’s Camp

As one of the established camping sites in Naivasha, Fisherman’s Camp has a range of exciting activities.

Camping fee (with own tent) – adults KSh 700, child under 12 years KSh 350

A two people tent inclusive of beddings – KSh 2,400 per night

Meals – breakfast is about KSh 500, while lunch and dinner ranges between KSh 800 and KSh 1,000. The restaurant is a separate establishment, and these rates depend on what you order.


Mobile: 0792597228

  • Crayfish Camp

Set on the shores of Lake Naivasha, Crayfish is one of the most popular camps in Naivasha. It welcomes day guests too for boat rides on Lake Naivasha or for a meal at the camp’s restaurant.

Camping fee – KSh 2300 per person

Meals – KSh 1,000, KSh 1,800, KSh 1,800 for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

Mobile: 0720226829

  • Camp Carnelley’s

Camp Carnelley’s lush grounds and the panorama of Lake Naivasha make it a great place to camp. Its camping facilities include modern flush toilets and showers with hot water.


Mobile: 0722 260 749

  • Camp Oloiden

This camp is set on the less popular Lake Oloiden, which is a volcanic crater lake situated south west of Lake Naivasha. Guests pitch their tents on a serene spot facing the lake.

Camping in a two people tent – KSh 3,500 per night

Beddings hire – KSh 1,000 per set

Meals – breakfast and lunch is about KSh 600, 400 respectively. Most campers prepare their meals on-site.


Mobile: 0708 798 075

  • Sanctuary Farm

At Sanctuary Farm, you pitch a tent under indigenous trees, on lush grass, on the shores of Lake Naivasha.  This campsite has a modern shower block.

Mobile: 0722761940


  • Crater Lake Camp

This award winning camp is within the 87 ha of an extinct volcanic crater in Naivasha. Within the crater is a scenic crater lake whose water has an iconic green colour.

Camping fee per night (with own tent) – adults KSh 500, child KSh 250

Tent hire inclusive of beddings – KSh 1,500 per person, KSh 2, 500 for two, KSh 3, 000 three people sharing

Camping with meals – KSh 5,000 full board per person, KSh 8,000 full board for two


Landline: 254-050-2020613

Luxury camps in Naivasha

  • Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp

Thinking of camping in Naivasha on the shores of the lake? Then book a luxury tent in Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp. The tents are raised on stilts for guests to view the stunning surroundings from a private balcony. Additionally, these tents are set apart, for ultimate privacy of occupants. On site, you can go swimming. Nearby, you can explore Lake Naivasha. In the surrounding area, you can visit other Naivasha attractions like Hell’s Gate National Park and Crescent Island.


Mobile: 0720404485

  • Kiboko Luxury Camp

Sun Africa’s Naivasha property, Kiboko Luxury Camp, has spacious stylishly furnished tents set on the shores of Lake Naivasha. The location is excellent for a relaxing weekend away from the rush of the city, and this camp has 8 tents only. The tents are en-suite, and for the ultimate dining experience, there is a restaurant and a dining room. Alone, with your partner or family, this camp will awe you.


Mobile: 0703048000

  • Eutut Camp

Eutut Camp, formerly known as the Sleeping Warrior Tented Camp, has magnificent view of Lake Elementaita, one of the less popular but enchanting attractions in Naivasha. This luxury Naivasha camp has a restaurant, a bar, and you can enjoy dining outdoors, guided nature walks and excursions in Naivasha attractions.

Now you know where to go for the best camping in Naivasha experience.

NB: The rates above may change seasonally. Kindly call the property to confirm the current rates.

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20 Self-catering Cottages in Naivasha & Hotels with Cottages

If you are looking for self-catering cottages in Naivasha, or Naivasha hotels with cottages, I have compiled 20 of the most popular cottages for you. Some of these properties are budget cottages while others are plush chalets on a ranch or a game sanctuary.

  1. Fisherman’s Camp Cottages

Fisherman’s camp, set on the shores of the lake, has some of the cheapest cottages in Naivasha. These budget friendly chalets have a variety of bed capacities, and some are on self-catering basis. Of its self-catering cottages, Kasuku Cottage is the largest, with two bedrooms, a  kitchen and an outside deck.  The whole cottage accommodates 6 people; one bedroom has one double and one single bed while the second bedroom has three single beds.

Karibu Cottage has one a double & a single room, a living room and a fully-furnished kitchen. Kwasi Cottage has a double room and a kitchen, while Kitete Cottage has a double and two single rooms.

  1. Signature Cottages

Signature Cottages in Naivasha are about 2 km from the town. Accommodation is available in a variety of houses.  You could stay in a 5, 4 or 2 bedroom house. All cottages have a kitchen and en-suite facilities.


  1. Olerai House cabin

Away from Olerai House’s farmhouse is a quaint cabin for travellers who want privacy while exploring Naivasha. At this property, you have a game sanctuary to explore even on horseback, and you can visit neighbouring attractions like Crescent Island. By road, it takes about 2 hours from Nairobi to Olerai House. This property is on Moi North Lake Road. By air, you can fly to Loldia Airstrip since it is a few minutes away from the property.


Mobile: +254 713 037 886

  1. Shwari Cottages

Shwari Cottages in Naivasha suits anyone looking for a quiet, secluded location with great views.  The cottages are set On a ranch within the Great Rift, overlooking Mount Longonot. Shwari Cottages have a furnished kitchen, a swimming pool on-site, and staff who include security guards.

Contact Shwari Cottages through Facebook –

Mobile: 0728 600199

  1. Butterfly Cottage

Butterfly Cottage is ideal for small groups or a couple looking for a self-catering cottage in Naivasha. It is an intimate, modern cottage suitably set on serene grounds with unmistakably great views of the lake. The cottage’s bedroom has one double bed and two singles. It has a furnished kitchen, an open-plan living area, and an en-suite bathroom. There is a swimming pool on the property too.

  1. Lakai House and Cottages

If you are looking for family cottages in Naivasha, check out Lakai House and cottage. It has 4 rooms, providing accommodation for eight people.

  1. Dafina Holiday Cottage

For accommodation in a scenic setting, with a variety of unique activities such as golfing, stay at Dafina Holiday Cottage.  This cottage is situated in the lush grounds of the Great Rift Valley Lodge. It has self-catering facilities and an on-site shop where you can buy groceries. If you would rather relax and have someone else prepare your meals, you can dine at the lodge’s restaurant.


Mobile: +254 721 77 11 81

  1. Wileli House

Wileli House’s chalets are some of the most luxurious cottages in Naivasha. You can stay either in the Hippo or in the Dik Dik cottage. Both cottages are two bedroom units with en-suite facilities, a kitchen, a lounge and a private veranda.

This property is within a beautiful game sanctuary teeming with a variety of species such as giraffes. At Wileli House, you can explore the sanctuary, enjoy meals at the Bistro Restaurant or have some quite time in the spa.


Mobile: +254 707 156146

  1. Mimosa Cottage

This 4 bedroom cottage is within the Great Rift Valley Golf Club.  It accommodates 8 guests, in en-suite rooms. Each bedroom has two single beds. The bedrooms have a balcony, which is on the first floor of the round-shaped cottage.  Other facilities are a dining area, a sitting room and a BBQ area outdoors.

  1. Ole Itiko Cottages

Ole Itiko Cottages in Naivasha are on the shores of Lake Oloiden, in the Kongoni area of Naivasha.

These cottages are all on self-catering basis. There are four cottages, each with different bed capacities.

  • Ole Itiko Cottage 1

It has three bedrooms comprising of two double beds rooms and one single beds room. This cottage accommodates six people. It has a kitchen, a dining room and a lounge.

  • Ole Itiko Cottage 2

This cottage has two bedrooms. One room has a king size bed while the other room has two single beds. Other facilities in this cottage are a dining room, a living area and a kitchen.

  • Ole Itiko Cottage 3

This cottage has three king size beds. It accommodates six people. It also has a kitchen and a dining room.

  • Ole Itiko Cottage 4

Also called the annex, this cottage accommodates four people. It has one bedroom, with two double beds.


Mobile: +254 723 161436

  1. Ol Larashi House

Ol Larashi House is 2 bedroom self-catering cottage with a kitchen, a living area and a private veranda. This property is in Naivasha’s Green Park estate, on a farm. It accommodates four guests.

  1. Ajabu House – cottages

Ajabu House is a bungalow situated on the pristine Loldia Farm. In addition to this main house are two cottages.

  • Siriane Guest Cottage

Siriane Guest Cottage accommodates 4 people, in two en-suite double bedrooms.

  • Muse Guest Cottage

This cottage occupies a building that housed the farm’s offices. Muse Guest Cottage accommodates 9 people. It has one family room and two en-suite double bedrooms. The family room has a double bed, and three single beds.


Mobile: +254 733 609 862 or +254 733 639 640

  1. Leleshwa House

Leleshwa House is located in Green Park estate Naivasha, and it accommodates 8 guests in four bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the first floor, with an en-suite bathroom and a dressing room.  Leleshwa House has 3 ½ baths and a kitchen too though you can hire a chef.  There is a solar heated swimming pool on-site.  If you are travelling in a group of six people, you can stay in the adjacent Makuti Cottage.

Contact the host through Airbnb

  1. The Lake House

This five bedroom cottage accommodates 16 people, in five bedrooms. Each bedroom sleeps two people in double beds, but 2 bedrooms can be turned into a dorm with a capacity of 10 people. Lake House is a self-catering cottage. It has a living room, a balcony and a swimming pool.

  1. Lahai Cottage

Lahai Cottage sits in 25 acres of lush gardens overlooking attractions in the Great Rift Valley. It is close to the Great Rift Valley Lodge so golfers have a place to spend the day. This cottage has a capacity of six guests. The bedrooms are on the upper floor, and the house has a dining room, a spacious sitting room with views of the gardens, and a furnished kitchen, and a swimming pool on-site. This family friendly cottage provides a baby cot upon request, and you can also ask for a cook’s services.

  1. Mumbi Cottage

Mumbi Cottage is a three bedrooms and three bathrooms holiday home.  This double storey cottage has a living room, and a furnished kitchen. It accommodates six people.

Contact Mumbi Cottage through Tripadvisor –

  1. Makuti Cottage

Makuti Cottage is one of the family cottages in Naivasha, offering a range of fun activities like swimming, and horse riding about five minutes from the cottage.  Children also have a tree house on-site. This luxury cottage is close to the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort, which means golfing enthusiasts have something to do when they are not exploring Naivasha’s attractions.

Makuti Cottage Naivasha has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  One of the bedrooms has spectacular view of the lake and rest of the Great Rift Valley region. This cottage has a capacity of six people. If you are in the company of a bigger group, you can stay in Leleshwa House, which is close to Makuti Cottage.

Contact Makuti Cottage through Tripadvisor –

  1. La Terazza House

From the large deck on the upper floor, guests are treated to a sweeping view of the private sanctuary this property sits on. La Terazza House hosts 8 guests, in four en-suite double rooms. Three of these rooms have bathtubs.

 Its clean, homely feel makes it’s a great place to escape Nairobi’s rushed life. Additionally, you will be in a private sanctuary near lakes Naivasha and Oloiden. You could book it as a self-catering guest, or request for a chef services. The kitchen has modern appliances, and housekeeping services are available.

La Terazza House is one of the considerably chic but affordable cottages in Naivasha because if you are in a group of 8 people, you take the whole cottage at KSh 25,000 a night plus KSh 2,000 for a chef service per day (call to confirm the current rates).


Mobile: 0722511409

  1. Chalet at River House

If you do not wish to stay close to Lake Naivasha, spend the night in Gilgil. Stay in a two bedroom  with four beds and one bathroom. This secluded and quiet self-catering cottage has one of the most beautiful views of Naivasha. The chalet sits in an indigenous forest. The chalet at River House accommodates four guests.

Contact Chalet at River House through TripAdvisor –

  1. Great Rift Valley Lodge & Gold Resort cottages

These cottages range from two to five bedroom chalets, boasting a capacity of four to 10 people. Some cottages, such as the five bedroom units, are built in storey houses to offer some bedrooms upstairs.

So, where would you like to spend your holiday in Naivasha?

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