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A shot of a woman and a young girl in the movie flightplan.

FlightPlan (2005)

PLOT: An aircraft designer’s daughter goes missing while the two are on a plain heading back to America with her deceased husband’s corpse also on board.

When the crew and the passengers accuse Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster, who’s starred in three other thrillers) of paranoia, she almost believes them. How else can she explain waking up from a light nap to find her daughter missing at 30,000 ft. above ground? How else can she explain her daughter’s name missing from the flight manifest?

Flightplan reminds me of a feisty Halle Berry searching for her son in Kidnap. However, in Jodie’s case, she has to search for her daughter in a plane when everyone wants to convince her that she is psychotic.

Kyle Pratt is convinced her daughter is missing and she will do everything to get her back even if it means locking herself in the cockpit or blowing up Gene Carson( a flight marshal) who has just confessed he killed her husband. Furthermore, she understands the plane better than anybody else because she engineered it. However, I didn’t get how she would assume her daughter was locked inside the casket ferrying her husband, yet she is the only one with the lock combination. The scriptwriter tried too hard to fix ammo into the casket.

Further, Flightplan’s crew gives in to the Kyle’s alleged demands too easily.  No negotiations, nothing! Other than a confrontation with some passengers when she accuses them of kidnapping her daughter, and the sky cop, the rest of the 400 passengers are just an audience like me waiting for Kyle to find her daughter.  Even when the plane lands, passengers and the crew exit, there are no outside negotiations almost gratifying the sky cop yet practically, there must be higher in rank. The only time there’s any action from the people outside the plane is when Kyle blows up a section of it and there’s someone barking orders on a radio call as ambulances race towards the plane. Dear scriptwriter, why/how would the fate of a 400 passenger plane be left in the hands of a flight cop?

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A woman behind the wheel in the movie Kidnap.

Kidnap (2017)

PLOT: It is a fun afternoon in a park for a single mother of a six year old boy until he goes missing.

There’s nothing earth shattering about Kidnap. You will probably watch it on a lazy afternoon snuggled under a duvet with snatches of nap here and there.

However, Karla Dyson‘s (Halle Berry) fast-paced chase will entertain you throughout the 82 minutes. As the trailer highlights, all they will do in the movie is run and chase with bits of dialogue here and there. The premise solely relies on a mother’s defense instinct to run the story. Karla is neither ready to lose the custody of her son nor let some loonies take him away. She can however walk a few steps away to answer her phone and leave her son unattended. Talk about priorities!

At some point, I feel like I can shove my AA size bra for Halle to strap around her babies as she runs. Halle Berry, you need a sports bra if you are going to be running after a green Mustang.  Kidnap has a few enthralling scenes like when she confronts the kidnappers, and when she discovers the kidnappers shack.

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A scene of a window on fire from the movie 6 Days.

6 Days (2017)

PLOT: When gunmen storm into London’s Iranian Embassy, SAS (Special Air Service), Margaret Thatcher’s Government and the police have to think fast to save 26 hostages.

When something actually starts happening in 6 Days, on the last day, I can’t help but feel like the BBC News reporter Kate is too much. What’s with the narration? I had to endure watching her watch the action and narrate it to her audience on live TV and then watch Max and the rest of the country watch her watch the action… You get it? I almost hit MUTE to forego her narration.

What would you do if an embassy was hijacked with you inside? This action film’s premise is a 1980 siege of the Iranian Embassy by six gunmen. The only captivating moments for me, in the entire film, were the two or three times SAS was raring to go and the actual raid on the 6th day. For the rest of the movie, it was a back and forth between Salim (the most featured of the six gunmen), Max Vernon (the Metro Police).

I don’t expect to see a movie about London without some greenery amidst the buildings and 6 Days doesn’t disappoint. It has a number of iconic buildings to display for days too.

There was some eye candy too. The handsome 31 year old Jamie Bell plays Rusty Firmin, one of the SAS soldiers. There is a multitude of men in moustaches too. It must have been a British thing in the 80s. Maybe, if the story narrated five days of negotiation between Salim and Max only, and brought in the dramatic raid of SAS only on the final day, it would have done away with the dry spell this action film yields.

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