Maralal Camel Derby 2017

maralal international camel derby

When: August 31st – September 3rd, 2017

Where: Maralal

It is another year for the dusty plains of Samburu County to host local and international guests for the Maralal International Camel Derby. This annual festival is now in its 28th Edition (2017). Every year, it takes place about a 15 minutes’ drive from Maralal Town, drawing residents of the county from as far as Kisima and domestic tourists from around Kenya. For amateur racers, the thrill is trotting through Maralal on a back of a camel. Sometimes, a camel heads off in the wrong direction, or decides it won’t race after all. Seasoned camel racers offer another show altogether especially as they cross the finish line.

While in Maralal, sample local culture, visit the Maralal Museum or hike hills in the county. To find out what to expect at the Maralal International Camel Derby, here’s a detailed experience of my frugal road trip to Maralal Derby in 2016. Alternatively, skip the details and look at pictures of Maralal Camel Race in 2016.

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