Maralal Camel Derby 2016 in 20 Pictures

A saddled camel at Yare Camel Camp.

Maralal Camel Derby is more than just a race across the town on a camel. It is a cultural event with all communities that live in Samburu County represented. Some come in as camel jockeys to help amateur racers, while others throng Yare Camp in Samburu spectators or as traders with all manner of food stuff and cultural artefacts. There is another group of locals who entertain the crowds through song and dance.

In addition to camel races, there is a bicycle race and a marathon. These events start and finish at Yare Camp, where spectators can indulge in the cultural festival most time of the day.

Here’s a pictorial recap of Maralal Camel Derby 2016.

The Races

The People & Culture

To find out how I travelled to Samburu, here’s more about Mararal Camel Derby 2016. There are some tips too if you want to self-drive or travel the frugal way.

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  • Amazing photos, it looks like quite an experience. Thats a great shot of the tribal people with mobile phones. Gotta stay connected right!

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