Kidnap (2017)

A woman behind the wheel in the movie Kidnap.

PLOT: It is a fun afternoon in a park for a single mother of a six year old boy until he goes missing.

There’s nothing earth shattering about Kidnap. You will probably watch it on a lazy afternoon snuggled under a duvet with snatches of nap here and there.

However, Karla Dyson‘s (Halle Berry) fast-paced chase will entertain you throughout the 82 minutes. As the trailer highlights, all they will do in the movie is run and chase with bits of dialogue here and there. The premise solely relies on a mother’s defense instinct to run the story. Karla is neither ready to lose the custody of her son nor let some loonies take him away. She can however walk a few steps away to answer her phone and leave her son unattended. Talk about priorities!

At some point, I feel like I can shove my AA size bra for Halle to strap around her babies as she runs. Halle Berry, you need a sports bra if you are going to be running after a green Mustang.  Kidnap has a few enthralling scenes like when she confronts the kidnappers, and when she discovers the kidnappers shack.

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