Events like national celebrations, cultural festivals and sports gatherings happen in cities and towns in East Africa all year round. Get facts about where and when such celebrations will take place. Additionally, find out more about the entry fee, and what to carry when attending festivals and public celebrations in East Africa.

Events in Kenya

Kenya is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, a commercial and digital hub, also the headquarters of several international organisations. Events in Kenya range from cultural festivals to music concerts and marathons. Some of the most popular ones are the Standard Chartered Marathon, Blankets and Wine, the Samantha Bridal Trade Fair, the Lewa Marathon, the Lamu Yoga Festival and the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival.

Some events in Kenya are one day celebrations, while others, like the Lake Turkana Festival, have weeklong activities.

Events in Tanzania

Explore this East African country by attending various functions in Tanzania. This country’s cultural wealth is exhibited during festivals in the mainland and on the pristine island of Zanzibar. Sauti Za Busara is one of the annual festivals held in Zanzibar Island.

Events in Uganda

Tourism functions in Uganda include the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo, which brings together stakeholders in the country’s tourism and hospitality industry. The weeklong celebration includes activities like tours of various attractions to sample Uganda’s tourism offers. The Bayimba Festival is another popular event in Uganda, a gathering of local and international artists for a few days of music, theatre and film.