Crescent Island: Hidden Treasures

A sign post with a map in Crecsent Islanda

Naivasha promises unforgettable holidays whether for a one-day getaway with a spouse, a weekend of adventure with workmates or a quiet family holiday. This Great Rift Valley town packs a variety of postcard worthy attractions, such as Crescent Island.

Crescent Island is one of those places you visit and forget the world and its cares. Situated on the south eastern corner of Lake Naivasha.  A carpet of grass rolls over the island, fringed by mature acacia trees on the shores of the lake.

What to Do on Crescent Island

  • On Crescent Island, you walk alongside untamed wildlife. There are guides stationed within the island who can join you for the walk. However, you can also explore the island alone.
  • A picnic on top of a hill within Crescent Island, or on the shores of the lake is magical. The highest point yields a panorama of the island and the rolling hills around it.
A place to host a picnic on a hill in Crescent Island Naivasha.
A great picnic spot on a hill.

Animals to See on Crescent Island

Giraffes rule Crescent Island. They stand as tall as the mature trees along the lake’s shores browsing oblivious of visitors watching them.

Other species to see are wildebeests, timid impalas, and vervet monkeys. You will also spot a handful of wildebeests, waterbucks, impalas and zebras in Sanctuary Farm as you head to the island.

The view as you drive through Sanctuary Farm to Cresent Island

What to expect on Crescent Island.

How to Get There

Crescent Island Naivasha is about km from Naivasha Town.  If you are staying in a camp/resort along Moi South Lake Road, take a matatu plying the Kiserian route (MML Matatu Sacco). However, if you are heading to Naivasha from Nairobi, take a matatu just next to Baker’s Inn, along Ronald Ngala Street. These matatus use the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, which will take you to Naivasha Town. There might be other matatus in Nairobi that use the old Naivasha Road (I haven’t discovered them yet, and the Mai-Mahiu – Naivasha road has heavy traffic around the clock).

In Naivasha Town, board MML Sacco Matatu and alight at Sanctuary Farm. Walk through the Sanctuary Farm gate and the guard will direct you towards Crescent Island.  After a dry patch along the dirt road, you will walk into an idyllic forest of acacia trees dotted by animals like wildebeests, impalas, waterbucks and zebras. It will take you about an hour for a blissful walk to Crescent Island.

A guide will lead you to a farm house where you shall pay the park fee before your expedition of the island.

  • Self-Drive

The road trip from Nairobi to the island takes about 2 hours. Follow the A104 road until you join B3 so you can drive on the Old Naivasha Road. Turn left to exit the Old Naivasha Highway and join the Moi South Lake Road towards Karagita. You will pass Karagita Town. Sanctuary Farm Naivasha’s gate is visible from the road, just next to a milk collection canteen.

Vehicle owners pay a fee to pass through the farm. After a security check, drive into the farm towards the island. This distance will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Watch out for wildlife, dogs and horses that may cross your path unexpectedly.

What to Carry

A picnic blanket, snacks, water, a camera and a group of friends. Have a merry time!

Here are more pictures of this amazing attraction.

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