I have written tons of About Me pages as a ghost writer, but I am terribly inept at talking about myself. So, here goes…

Explore East Africa (Explore EA) combines my love for outdoor adventures with my passion for travel writing, and years of experience in digital marketing for brands in the travel & hospitality industry in EA.

I actually went to journalism school, learnt how to write news and features, take videos and edit magazines. I never wrote any news story though. There was always an opinion somewhere in my articles so I opted to stay away from newsrooms; I write lengthier, upright pyramid stories.

Over the last 10 years, I  have written for countless travel portals, launched SEO projects for travel brands, taught freelance writing, and typed my fingers sore for 200 bob SEO content BPOs.

But, through the years, I dreamt of island hopping, of weeklong adventures, of writing about travel within the ethics I learnt in journalism school but without the constraints of marketing partnerships dictated by brands.

On this website, I talk about East Africa’s hotels, destinations, attractions, food and culture. The only standards I adhere to on Explore EA are the confines of sanity, and the core of journalism – inform, educate or entertain. You can join me on my next adventure, or share your travel stories (I would love to hear where you have been), or you can read my travel tales.

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