5 Healthy Snacks for Hikers

When the urge to snack kicks in, reach into your bag for healthy grubs that will not only satisfy your craving but also give you the nutrients you need for the outdoor adventure. Indubitably, we chow down savoury snacks like potato crisps to substitute biscuits and cakes. But we can only take so much salt before we get tired or the doctor’s adjuration shifts our focus towards healthy snacks.

If you have crossed over to the healthy snacks side, here are five options you can take on your next hike.

  1. Mixed nuts

Njugu karanga (peanuts) is perhaps the most popular nut in East Africa. Others top on the list are macadamia and cashew nuts. These plant foods provide healthy fats, protein, fibre and minerals like zinc and potassium. The cheapest nuts in Kenya are peanuts.  With KSh 10, you have a handful of peanuts for a mid-day snack. As you buy supplies ahead of your hike, get cashew nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts and almonds. Most supermarkets in towns and cities in EA stock a range of nuts.

  1. Smoothies

Go wild with a blend of fruits and veggies from pineapples to avocados, melons and spinach.  Unlike fruit juice, smoothies are rich in fiber, which is an important component in the digestion process. Other than water, smoothies keep you hydrated (check out other ways to stay hydrated here). Invest in a good bottle to carry your smoothie. However, to have it fresh, drink it within the first hour or so of your hike.

  1. Dried fruits

Take out sweets from your hiking snacks and add a healthy alternative. Nutrients in dried fruits include fiber, vitamins and minerals. Dried fruits are lighter than fresh fruits, they won’t spoil fast, and you don’t need knives and forks to serve them. Dried fruits to pack in your backpack include berries, cherries, dates and raisins. Quite a number of dried berries are available from strawberries to cranberries and blueberries.

  1. Yoghurt

Get your energy, fats and protein content from yoghurt. This snack will also relieve hunger pangs.  You can even go for natural yoghurt if you want to cut back on sugar.

  1. Fruit salad

If you don’t have the appliance or time to make smoothies, combine your fruits in a bowl and they will be as delicious as a smoothie. Pack our fruit medley in an airtight container and have it during the first hour of your hike, probably when you get a few minutes to sit down. You will need to pack a fork too. However, if salads, and forks, and containers don’t sound like anything you would like to carry in your backpack, just take one or two fruits (whole). Maybe pack a banana, an apple, and some oranges.

Tell me other healthy snacks you carry when going for a hike.


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