How to Earn from Tourism in East Africa: Invest in these Digital Opportunities

Zebras at Sanctuary Farm.

Tourism contributes immensely to the economy of East African countries. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Report, travel and tourism activities in Kenya accounted for 399,000 employment opportunities in 2016. Indirectly, this industry contributed to over 1m jobs in Kenya. In Tanzania, the report about Tanzania notes, in 2016, travel and tourism contributed to 1,389,000 jobs whether directly or indirectly....   Read more

32 Historic Hotels in Eastern Africa

flags of eastern africa

The oldest hotels in Eastern Africa were built by white settlers, merchants or by the government. When comparing over 30 of these old hotels, in addition to iconic structures, the location also stands out. Certainly, one of the reasons for the choice of location was the view. For example, Mount Kenya Safari Club is within Mount Kenya, and Grogan’s Castle has a spectacular view of attractions in and around Tsavo Park....   Read more

FlightPlan (2005)

A shot of a woman and a young girl in the movie flightplan.

PLOT: An aircraft designer’s daughter goes missing while the two are on a plain heading back to America with her deceased husband’s corpse also on board....   Read more